Real Help for Special Needs Students

My Life Skills Curriculum workbooks for special needs students are the result of over 30 years of teaching experience.  During this time, I collected and expanded materials I personally developed.  My work enabled me to create my own comprehensive and sequential programs.

The challenge I faced as a teacher was how to better understand the true baseline of each student's individual skills in order to determine the direction of meaningful instruction.  At the same time I had to be consistent with the requirements of Individual Educational Plans (IEP) and set measurable objectives. Task analysis in Life Skills Curriculum workbooks allows the teacher to pinpoint how students are functioning.  This analysis identifies the steps needed by a student to master a skill or set of skills.

Using only partially successful programs during my years of teaching is the motivation for my work.  Though well intentioned, these programs left students with only a basic level of understanding. These unsatisfactory results said to me, there is a need for something better. It is my sincere belief that my Life Skills Curriculum fulfills that need.


Curriculum programs are specifically task analyzed.  They include reproducible materials to be used for single-student individualization. An added plus of the curriculums is that they allow teachers to integrate compatible materials currently in use in their classrooms.  The result is the ability to organize a systematic program that addresses the individual needs of students.

I offer these programs to you in the hope that you may experience greater success in teaching and - most important - that the lives of your students will be enhanced by the quality of your instruction.

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